danny peck

developer | composer

Maintained by @dep.


I've been making music in one form or another since the 90s. I've had a long-running tradition of making music and putting it on the internet. My musical styles range from orchestral to electronica to ambient and experimental.

My longest running project is dep, where I explored many electronic subgenres.

Since then, I've also started a project called A Defiant Heart, which offers vibes that are perhaps a bit more instrumental and subdued.

I've been apart of some very rewarding collaborations as well. The Night Lights was a collaboration with my friend Kie Cochran. We were a duo that aimed to create goose-bump inducing electronica.

After that, I teamed up with my friend and Bluegrass aficionado of Unspoken Tradition fame, Ty Gilpin. We worked together to blend the mandolin, a traditional bluegrass instrument, with electronic elements, and it was called Japello.

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such rich and rewarding collaborations with friends.

Active Projects