We walk down a deadly line
Don't look ahead baby
Don't look behind
We walk thru these stainless ruins
A civilization created by fools
Who bide their time
At the wishing well
Where you lose your dime
You go straight to hell

We live on a dangerous ledge
Don't look down baby
You're close to the edge
We live in these perilous times
Drinking with angels who pay for the wine
To find a way
To get somewhere
Seems like these days
Done run out of air

But we walk
Yeah we walk
And we walk

We walk in this murderous sun
Some use a check book
And some use a gun
We walk in these faceless nights
If you want me baby then hold on real tight
We slip and slide
We lose our pride
No place to hide
From what's left inside


We walk down a mountain of doom
Mugging for cameras they stick in our rooms
We run from the river of hope
All it's reflections
Are fractured and broke
They keep us down 
With perfumed clowns
And dirty towns
Spin our heads around and around
Walk (cont.)

But we walk
Yeah we walk
And we walk

We walk down a deadly line
Better be ready to stop on a dime